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There is a Dream Inside you.
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See what the Stars have to tell you.
Zodiac prediction. Love compatibility. Chinese Zodiac. Numerology. Palmestry And More...

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New Age links

Here is some of my favorite links and Directories from across the web. The content varys from Tarot to meditation, aliens to Zen.

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A multi-denominational site, offering insights and articles, products, personal ads, and other resources for the age of enlightenment.

Find a great listing of New age, spiritual, and alternative goods and services here...

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Astrology-Psychic-Tarot Search Engine

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Psychic links

Sometimes I am just to busy to take your calls so here are others who would be happy to help.

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Tarot, Tarot Readings By Marie! Best Tarot Readings Online!

Communities and Chat

On line communities and chat forums on psychic and the paranormal. As well as new age and Tarot e-zines. is a free, on-line ezine for Tarot Consultants and readers, from beginner to veteran, with articles, spreads, reviews, tips and more!

A vision for you.
The wonderful world of Tarot.
Circle of the Moon.

Star Rachals Garden

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