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                           Now is the time to fight back!
Are you tired of big business  taking your money and giving nothing in return?
Promising you service then charging you for it? Making millions off of your ignorance? You don't have to take anymore !Fight back and win. Information is power. Find out just some of the ways you can win for a change. Ways  that once you here them will seem so simple , You may feel foolish that you hadn't thought of them your self. You are not stupid just uninformed. They are not secrets. You just have so much going on in your life that they just slip them by you. After months of exnausting research we at DH have put togather some of the most common ways big business takes your money. Don't get me wrong this are not scams. Month after month you willingly turn over your hard earned money. What they don't tell you is there are alternatives. Let DH show you how. By themselves this options may not seem like much, but use them and be amazed at how much money you will save.
Maybe you can afford to be here.

Little to lose everything to gain. Yes I must charge for this information to pay for our time. But only $5*95.I promise the first option we inform you about will gain this  back times ten or your money back.
Hurry ! Send check or money order today to
       400 E Bridge St
       Chillicothe Mo
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