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Can I read your mind?

Well frankly no I can't. All those little secrets we keep to our selves inside our own minds is safe. At times I can pick up on what you want me to hear. Maybe a secret love or yearning for a new home or job those kind of things. All through written history some sort of psychic has been used. The Egyptions had star gazers, prelude to astrology. Asians had the I ching or some threw bones. In fact many of the rituals attributed to Gypsys actualy came from Asia. No one knows for sure where gazing into a crystal ball came from but it was widely used in the middle ages. Mirrors were used before that. Many things have been used for divination including the guts of animals.(not recommended) Tarot is said to have begun in France during the fourteen hundreds. Others believe it started in Italy during the same time. Tea leaves also an Asian tradition passed on to people of the meditaranian. Rocks and crystals were among the first tools used as far back as the stone age. Then from rocks came runes the precursor to cards. The list goes on and on. Body parts have always been a favorite source. Palmistry, phrenology(The reading of bumps on the head),the viens in your hands and arms and much more. What ever the choice has been whether a burning bush or a puddle of water they are looking for a glimpse into peoples lives. Some believe because there are so many how could so called fortune telling be real. Simple it's not the tool, it's the person using it. All these things do not tell the future, past, or the present. They just help the psychic to concentrate. To be able to open their minds to the spirit world. And some people use these things to help the questioner believe. They must also concentrate to get a good reading. When I give my clients a deck of cards to focus thier question on, What they are really doing is opening thier minds. Then we can both have a real and accuarate reading. To help that person find there true path to enlightenment. In other religions, so called main stream, they use the same tools. The books, alters, talismans, and prayers are ways to help people reach out to the spirit world. The only true obstacle to divination is everybody thinks thier tools are better. Not unlike a lot of things in life.

Everyone has a psychic spark.

We have all had premonitions. That means a warning or caution before something bad happens. Knowing who is on the phone before we answer it. Or at the door even before they knock. As with all gifts some have more than others or at the very least developed it more. Or as I like to put it. Some of us have a spark others have lightning.

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