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Dan Your Guide to the spirit world.
Positive Affirmation


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Our thoughts are also energy they must be positive to keep us on the path to enlightenment.

A healthy mind

With all of the self help guru's and con men around a positive attitude has gotten a bad wrap. The truth is our thoughts do play a major part in our health.
Nature shows us the deference between positive and negitive energy everyday. Just one 5 minute session of positive psychic energy a day can do a world of good. Just find a place where you can find peace inside and out.

A 15 minute session of meditation can do as much good as 5 hours of sleep. All you need is fragrant candles, incense, soft music, and your own happy place.

Never try to clear your mind it's not possible. Instead fill it with happy images.

You are a wonderfull spirit.

For help with your spirit call now.

See the good in yourself.

I can guide your spirit to nirvana.

To put it simplisticly the energy we emit attracts that kind of Karma. Not to say that bad things don't happen to good people, they do. But the old saying when it rains it pours came about because people get down when bad things happen. At the same time the more your attitude turns rotten the more that hits you. So positive energy, no matter how hard it is to muster, must be attained. ...More

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