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To get a good hold on positive affirmation the main thing you need is complete alone time. Time with your own thoughts, own being, own spirit, time to connect to the other world. The one outside your everyday problems and stress. The one away from Work, mates, kids, and bills. The world where the phone can't reach you. Where the doorbell doesn't ring. The dog doesn't want to be walked. Where no one cares what your wearing or whether you need a hair cut. No demands, no worrys. Sound impossible? It's not.

This world is all around you. All you need to do is tune in. First thing is find a sound that makes you happy, It can be music, sounds of the rain, waves on the ocean, or even your own breathing. You see this is your world. You get to fill it with the sounds that make you happy.

Next is scent. Smell is a very important sense we sometimes take for granted. Remember this is your world alone. So fill it with what makes you alone happy. It can be your favorite incense or scented candle. Which brings me to the next element for your escape.

Lighting. It can be dark or light your choice. Colored or white. Candle light, a fire in the fire place, your favorite lamp, or of course sun shine. Agin what ever makes you happy. You see that's what your aiming for the perfect world. Or at least as close as possible. A world away that makes your spirit soar.

Finally, fill this world with only good thoughts about you. Don't worry about what you really think about your self or what you feel others may think. In this world you are a perfect being. Deserving of love and acceptance. Intitled to all the world holds for a lasting inner peace.

Take this time when ever you can. Daily if at all possible. And every time tell your self only positive, life affirming words of praise. Don't worry even if you don't believe it now, It will make a differance.

You are love and light. And remember This is your world.