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My guide saved my Life.

I was driving along a country road. It was the middle of February. There was snow on the ground. A lot of it as I recall. I had a lot on my mind so I wasn't really paying attention to the road. My marrage Had ended Just days before. I had a girl I had known and had a crush on for years in my life but that seemed to be going no where. I was broke and nearly homeless. And the car I was driving had no front fender, the door was held shut with a piece of wire, It only hit second three days a month, and the tires were bare. Not the kind of car for the snow. So here I am, riding along thinking women are death instead of life when I run into a dip in the road full of snow. Small car, big dip. I was stuck but good. I worked for an hour trying to free the car but aaah no dice. What I did manage to do since the wind chill was forty below zero and I was wearing canvas shoes and no socks was freeze my feet. I was miles from anywhere and couldn't walk, no coat and a 1/4 tank of gas. That lasted for a few hours since I started the car only when I could no longer stand the cold. The only thing about freezing that is wierd is the pins and needles feeling in your skin. Fortunetly it doesn't last long. At first it feels heavy and numb then nothing at all. more of me was freezing by the hour. For nearly three days I sat there. No food , no water, and freezing to death. Of course by then I knew nothing at all. The delirium totaly over shadowed me. The rest of this story is what's known in court as hear say but I will relate it to you as it was to me.

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A true story.

Finally on the third day a man and wife who lived near by was taking a ride in the country. You guessed it they spotted me but by this time snow had blown up over the car, well, making it look like it had been there a few days. So on the first pass they only noticed a car up a country side road in the snow, not thinking someone was inside. On there return trip they noticed some one Standing by the car waveing there hands. Being help full they pulled down the road to help. He or she had a silvery glow they attributated to the snow. Only able to get within about 200 ft of the car they had to walk the rest of the way. As they stopped the glare from the sun hit thier winshield. They never saw the silver person again. No foot prints were found around the car. I was in a comatose state. Lucky me.
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