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Why is divination considered evil by some?

All of the divination arts have been considered evil by many of the so called main stream religions. Why, is a mystery not to be solved in a few short paragraphs. As near as most scholors can pin point it happened some time during the middle ages and carries into today. All books of all religions mention some type of divination or prophecy. And most hold it in high regard. And still yet the arts are attributed to the evil one. In ages past oracles and prophets held the highest positions in society. They were the right hand of emporers and kings. Battles, weddings, even the growing of crops was never embarked upon without first consulting a psychic. Some people didn't even walk across the road with out first checking to be sure it was safe with there psychic advisor. In fact the very religions that use prophecy the most put it down as evil the most.

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Seeing the Past, Present, Future is a gift not a Curse.

Whether from fear or ignorance The arts should not be considered evil. In fact anyone to a certain degree is psychic. All you need is an open mind to tune into the spirit world. Give it a try you might be surprised.