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Your Spirit Guide Will Protect You.

Our spirit guides or gaurdian Angels try to protect us on our path to the next plane of existence. We have all had premonitions of danger for our selves or family and friends. Sometimes this is our own psychic abilities. But other times this is our guides warning us of danger. Never take a feeling of danger lightly. Our guides are here to lead and protect us.

Flying Geese
Do you believe our after life is here?

A guides direct intervention.

There are many stories of divine intervention in emergencies. You know a mother lifting a car off of her child. Or someone jumping from a 5th story window during a fire and landing unhurt, Science tries to explain this with adreniline. But in most cases the people feel as if someone is helping. They are, it's our guides. There are to many storys to tell them all. People being led from danger only to  be unable to find the person when they reach safety. Even the tragedy of 9/11 has stories of phantom people and light leading them to safety from the World Trade Center. Keep on the look out for sighns your guide is protecting you.

As the water flows so too our spirit.

Listen to your spirit guide.