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Taking care of your own Spirit

This is where we live.

Stress is the number one health problem facing the world today. For the simple fact it makes all others worse. Heart desease, stroke, cancer, you name it is all made worse by stress. With the pressures of the world today taking time out for your own spirit is very necessary. How you do it is not  important. There are many good ways. Meditation is my personal favorite. As you contemplate the world you live in the answers seem to come because you clear your mind. While you concentrate on your breathing instead of how to make the credit card payment. Suddenly a solution seems to miriacuasly appear. As you look inside your own spirit the stress from the traffic jam you were in on the way home, slips away. Other good ways are Yoga , self hypnosis, astral projection, and relaxation. All of these have one thing in common taking your mind away from the daily drudge that zaps your strength and ruins your health. Prayer and fasting is another good way. As I said there are many. All good. It's which ever one that works for you. The most critical thing is to take the time. Whether it be five minutes between meetings or while brushing your teeth in the morning. Take the time! It may save your life. And at the same time present those solutions to finances or what to do about that nagging boss. Over the next few months we will be breaking down some of the more popular ways of working on your mind and body. Then you too can be healthy, wealthy and wise.

Do not forget the most important spirit of all, your own.

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Send your mind here for peace.

Every Day Take Out the Trash in your Mind.