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Dan your guide to the spirit world

 2002 Vol. 1 Issue 4  Published by DHInfo all rights reserved.

Our spirit flows through eternity.

Welcome to this issue.

In this issue we will continue to explore the spirit world. No this is not a religous ezine. We live in a world much broader than some believe. Even with the signs that are all around us some ignore what they can't  measure or hold in their hand. This ezine is for believers of other worlds than these.

Come with me on a trip through the world of seen and unseen spirits.In this ezine we will explore many different worlds. From aliens to spirit guides.

I hope you have an open mind for what we are about to explore  some call bogus. Others cons. Some are not so nice and just call it plain crazy. Those people we are about to ignore. As you know if you have encountered any of these things seeing is believing.
Open your mind and the mind will open. To deny things that can't be seen is to deny the air we breath. Today science is beginning to acknowledge things like ghosts and other universes but they still have a ways to go. The study of so called paranormal phenomona gets better everyday. It's about time science caught up with the rest of us.

  • In this issue.

  • Karma-What we do does effect our lives and others.
  • Ghosts-Are they the dead?
  • Spirit guides-Get to know yours.
  • Aliens-A short history .
  • Mind and Body-Meditation can bring health, wealth, love and peace of mind.
  • Tell us your story-Submit your favorite ghost story.
  • This months contest winners.
  • Accolades-My clients talk about me.
  • Divination-This month, Scrying.

Here we can explore the true reality.

Stars and Nebula

Many blessings to all.

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