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Scrying, or gazing into objects such as crystal balls, mirrors, water or any reflective object. This art has been made famous by movies showing Gypsy fortune tellers peering into crystal balls. Nostradamus used scrying to make his sometimes uncanny predictions. He would gaze into a bowl of inky water for hours as he wrote his quatrains.

   This art has never really been pinpointed as to it's origin either. There are many theorys but no real fact. It is one of the many tools for divination. And if you have this gift, one of the easeist to master. Just by gazing into the object scenes will appear of the past or future. These scenes must then be interpruted by the psychic. If you think you may have the knack read on to find out how you can begain scrying or crystal gazing.



To begin, first, you must choose the object that most speaks to you. This can be anything with a reflective surface. A mirror, crystal ball, or just a bowl water.

Next, create an area in which you can gaze uninterruted for at least a half hour.

What will the Cards say to You.