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My Close Encounter.

Why did I include aliens in a spirit guide? Well maybe they are from another plain. Since we don't know where they come from it's as good an answer as any. And like spirits they have been reported since recorded history. Drawings of space like creatures adorn the walls of some of our oldest civilazations. Flying crafts spitting smoke and fire are mentioned in our oldest known manuscripts. With so much in common I felt they should be included together.

Are they from another planet, or dimension?

Are they from Here?

Are we being watched and studied?


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My Only Encounter

It has been many years since the night I observed the ufo but I remember it like it was today. Myself and a friend were sitting on the back of my car on a country road a few miles outside of town. The night was clear and bright. The stars in the sky looking like a field of a million lights. We had stopped in this spot to watch a herd of deer walking slowly by. They were more than likely heading for there lay for the night. Suddenly the wind started to blow very hard. The deer spooked ran away into the woods. Just as suddenly the wind died away. Not thinking much about it, gusts of wind on a windless night  were not  uncommon in our part of the country. The hum I began to hear was. Not hearing it before or since I find it hard to describe. Maybe like an airconditioner with a loud motor. A strange red light appeared on the horizen. At first very light, then brighter and brighter. Trying to see what was causing the light we walked toward it. Then just over the trees on the other side of a hay field there it was. A UFO. It was beautiful. Shaped some what like the craft in the pictures. The lights were bright but not blinding mostly red, but with blue and white scattered around it's bottom. It seem to hover in front of us for about 30 seconds. The humming grew louder as the craft started in our direction. I know I was afraid but I couldn't take my eyes off it. Then suddenly it shot away at right angle to where we were standing. Quick as snapping your fingers it was gone. Afterward we didn't know what to do. After a few moments discussion we did know one thing we were not about to tell anyone. It didn't matter. The next day in the press nearly 200 hundred people reported seeing the flying object. The town even made the national press. What did we see? I don't know but I will never forget it.

Try to see the Impossible all around Us.