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"Dan is a pleasure talking to..."
"Very direct and honest"

"Dan was great. He was so easy to talk to! I felt like I've known him forever. He told me what I needed to hear not just what I wanted to hear. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to hear the truth." 

"I liked Dan.Just have to give it time to see if what he said comes true.I would try him again.He knew about my past. Thanks Dan" 

"Dan made me cry with how well he knew me and my life. I was going through a tough time and he understood. He told me what I needed to hear not just what I wanted. Thanks." 

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This is my first experience with an on-line reading and Dan was someone I found during my regular surfing. Circumstances led me to Dan and for whatever reasons in my subconscious I decided to give it a try. I asked a very simple, straight forward question and Dan's quick reply confirmed to me as to why I asked for a reading.
I do believe there is a reason for the actions we take. Obviously I was looking for someone of like nature to touch base with on a similar level. After my reading I explained to Dan that I am someone who doesn't ask for readings for myself as I usually spend too much time sorting and reading others; not on a professional level only for close friends and family and sometimes for strangers if it is necessary. Dan's reading pointed out to me exactly what I suspected. I am always telling others to trust their gut. My reading confirmed what I already know and it nailed exactly who I am. Perhaps I needed guidance to acknowledge my own capabilities and also to quench a bit of my ego. I have this fall and winter recuperated from a summer of horrific premonition and pre-cognizance. I do find it torturous to watch others suffer and know how much they need guidance. I was overwhelmed by those around me, yet I knew I had the control to close the door to the negative and open it to the positive, which is exactly what I have done. If anyone among Dan's readers have experienced a life affirming awakening they may truly understand what I'm talking about. Looking back I was fully aware I needed a guide and the awakening I experienced was confirmed in my reading.

I wrote back to Dan upon receiving his reading and here again this is something I've never before done. I don't spend time writing emails to strangers and this again was a first for me. Thanking Dan was something I needed to do and I also felt he needed to hear why. He again wrote back to me and confirmed one thing: WE ALL HAVE NEED OF A GUIDE AND TRUST IN THEM.

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