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Love and Light
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Feed your Spirit

The most important spirit in this world is our own.

Do you share your inner devine light?

Not only will you make someone else happy but it will come back to you at least three fold. Now how many investments do you make for free that return to you three times. All you need do is help someone else feel good about themselves. To reach out to a person in need. To give advice to someone in need. You get the idea.

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Nothing so simple can do so much to enhance every aspect of your life. You give a part of your time. Or a piece of your heart. A part of the devine light within all of us. It's really easy and the return is worth more than we can know. To our health, wealth, and happiness. We share the part of us our higher power gave us to share. They gave us more than enough. And the great part is when we run out there is always free refills. Here's how it works. You help feed the hungry, you never go hungry. Give the poor a hand up, and you will never be poor. Give a friend a shoulder to cry on, you will always have shoulder to cry on. Get the idea? Now go out and spread that inner light.

Daily affirmation.
I Love
And I am worthy of that love.
I come into contact with
everyday will know
I love myself and am
therefore able to love them.