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Spirits from Beyond, or never Left?

The energy from ghosts. Better known as ectoplasm.
Pic provided by Ghost hunters of the west plains.

 The answer to what ghosts are is not an easy one. They tend to stay to them selves. And are not ready to give out information at the best of times. They seem to be people that have not yet made the choice to leave this plane of existence. In fact most appear to be carrying on there life's just as they lived them. Energy can niether by created nor distroyed by any way known to man. So is this residual energy from someone who lived a powerful life or a spirit who chooses not to leave. I don't know. Could be some other explanation. I do know that ghosts are real in my life. I have had a few strange contacts. Now whether this is because I am open to such things or what, again, I do not know. Whaen you do make contact I can say you will believe too.

What will the spirits do for you?